Friday, January 19, 2018

January 19 - Donations are Still Arriving

Just over 2 weeks to go and the donations are still trickling in.  There is a little space left in 2 of our hockey bags for the recent donations.  After that, any donations will have to go next year unless we can find another group willing to take them.

Hockey bags - each one can weigh 50 pounds.
Spanish Books for Children
Variety of Items - books, office supplies, cloth purses, etc.
Jewelry for Ladies
And more Jewelry
Caps, School Supplies, etc.
Shawls and Hats for Newborn Babies
Reading Glasses
Crocheted Bibs for Babies

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Preparation for Journey 2018 - January 9th

Dominican Journeys 2018, with 6 members, will be in the Sosua area of the Dominican from February 3rd to the 10th, working with Servant's Heart Ministries.  Bea and I have been collecting needed items since we got back from last year's Journey and have enough to fill 6 hockey bags.  Each person can take 2 bags.  Team members try to get all their personal needs and clothing in their carry-on luggage.  The other 4 team members are from Kitchener and have raised enough money to purchase 7 laptop computers - one for administrative use and 6 for a computer lab in the library, where we built book shelves last year.

Art Supplies
Medications and Cosmetics

Wash cloths and Towels

Shoes and Flip-Flops

School Supplies

Crafting Supplies

Cosmetic Bags, etc. for Girls

Baby Clothes

Briefs and Socks

Sports Equipment

More Baby Stuff
Knitted Dolls for Children
Knitted Bears for Children

Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday in the DR - February 10th

Bea Started the Day with a Shoe Blowout 
Stopped at Sosua Abajo School so Vic could Visit his Sponsored Student 
Dave holds Art Classes on Fridays for the Children in Loma de los Chivos
The Children are using Artist Kits that we Donated
Bea Helped Dave with Morning and Afternoon Classes

Constructing Storage Shelves at Loma 
Afternoon Coffee, Compliments of a lovely Neighbour

Viewing the Neighbour's Gardens

Outdoor Art Class 
A Young Mother in the Art Class

Instructor Dave Chapman working Alongside his Students

The Construction Crew Clowns Around

Thursday in the DR - February 9th

Dropping Medical Supplies at Paradise Clinic

Rob & his wife Tina have done Medical Missions for 10 Years
Bea Organizing the New Library Shelves 
Kindergarten Class of 28 Students (couldn't fit them all in) 
More Spacious and Functional Library 
David Encourages Bea to Paint Faster 
Wall of Shelves in theDirector's Former Office
The Completed Library Wall Unit
Older Shelves Cut Down and Repurposed

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday in the DR - February 8th

Jen & Bea Unpacking Donations to the Pregnancy Resource Centre

Bea Sanding Library Wall where the Window Was

Vic Cutting Pieces for a Shelf Unit

Wall of Shelves in the Library

Children Playing a Herd of Sheep - Complete with Sound Effects

Sun at Suppertime

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday in the DR

We continued working at Cangrejo school today and completed four shelf units to cover a 16 foot wall in the library.  The completed units were taken outside so that Bea and David could give them a coat of ‘vermin repellant’.

John & Kelvin with One of 4 Shelf Units

Bea Sorting the Books
Bea Washing Mildew from an Older Shelf Unit
David and Bea Rolling on 'Vermin Repellant'
Tuesday Night Sunset Over Puerto Plata