Monday, February 24, 2020

Saturday, February 22

This morning we were picked up and driven to Sosua by the Sea Resort to have a breakfast meeting with the SHM staff.  At least that is what Vic was told.  We did have breakfast, but then went outside to a quiet space where the main purpose of the meeting was revealed.  This being Vic's last trip to the Dominican, the SHM staff wanted to give him a special sendoff.  Each of them expressed sincere thanks for all that Vic has done over the past 15 years.  Common themes were:  hard working, dedicated, honest(i.e. speaks his mind), supportive, caring, etc.  Vic was a bit overwhelmed by all the attention.  Vic found it fitting that his first breakfast and his last breakfast in the Dominican were at Sosua by the Sea.  But his main thought was that he has seen big positive changes in the village communities where he has worked and he sees hope for the future of the people served by Servant's Heart Ministries.  He said that change must be accomplished by the young, because the old are not likely to change.  He related his oft told tale of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt.  He says that God kept them wandering for 40 years in order to get rid of the 'old farts' because it would enable the young ones to take over and bring about change.  The trip home was uneventful and we were treated to clear skies and dry roads.

The SHM Team 'Meeting'
Vic was truly Surprised
When Vic Points, you better Listen!
Phil FaceTiming from Nova Scotia
Vic Laughs

Vic Pontificating

Orquídea Presenting the SHM Gift
Gift of Special Photos and Autographs
Flight WS2507 to YYZ

Friday, February 21, 2020

Friday, February 21

Before leaving for Loma this morning, Vic said his goodbyes to Manuel and Jay, long-time friends in the Dominican.  He first met them in 2006.  We finished up the Shadow Boxes for David, Hung his Nativity Painting and made some pencil, paint brush and scissors holders out of scrap wood.  Said our goodbyes to the staff at Loma Community Centre.  Rebecca gave me some of her project wishes for next year.  Dario had already given me his list earlier in the week.  Not sure who has priority.  😆
Manuel, Vic and Jay
Bea and two of her Loma Friends

Bea with Her Special Friend, Jessica and her Mom

John and Vic Assembling Shadow Boxes
Boys Volunteered to Sand and Put on Termite Juice

Raysa Gets into it as Well

Eddy Made a Box for the Ball Pumps

Bea and Another Little Friend
David's Nativity Painting

Storage Boxes made by John & Bea

David's Art Storage Area

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Thursday, February 20

Back to Loma for the second last day of working with Servant's Heart Ministries in the Dominican.  Assembled and installed the shelves and the guitar hangers in the Community Centre store room.  Put up more guitar hangers in the common room where guitar lessons are taught.  Bea and Eddy (I've been spelling his name wrong all week) painted the shelves.  We also constructed a bin to store soccer balls and it was also painted blue to match the shelves.  Will remember to get a picture tomorrow.  Had a bit of time to spare in the afternoon so built a small art display box to show David and see if he would like more.
Vic Mounting Guitar Hangers
Bea Helping Eddy cut out Ball Bin Pieces
Bea and Eddy Paining the Shelves
Finished Product
Guitars Hanging on Guitar Hangers
Ball Bin Being Constructed
How Many People does it Take to Hang Guitar Hangers
Portable Art Display Box

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Wednesday, February 19

We spent the morning cutting and putting together the shelves for David's Art Room and attaching them to the wall and the brackets.  We also started installing the shelves in the storage building.  Bea put termite repellant on the rest of the pieces of wood for building shelves in the community centre.

In the afternoon we finished up in the storage building and cut out pieces for the community centre project.  Bea painted a bit more wood with termite 'Bwana Juice' as Vic calls it.  When Dario saw the shelves we built for storing tools and materials he said we needed to build more like them on the other side.  He said that the plastic shelves that are on that side look bad now.  I told him, "next year".

WiFi is worse than last night.  Good night all!

Assembling Shelf for David's Room
The Finished Shelf gets the Thumbs Up from Eddie
John Assembling
Vic and Eddie Assembling
Vic Assembling Still
Eddie was Given a Pair of Boots to Replace His Blown Shoes

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Tuesday, February 18

Bea started the day with a Tim Horton's Coffee, compliments of Dennis from Cambridge, who is here with a team working for the Samaritan Foundation.  He brings his own coffee machine and coffee from his franchise.

We spent another busy day in Loma cutting boards for the shelving and assembling support 'ladders' for the storage building.  Bea split her time between applying termite repellant to the boards and doing odd jobs in the community centre.  A large group from Ridgetown, Ontario has been busy making chicken houses for some of the villagers.  They are working in the vacant upper floor of the community centre.

Vic and I completed all the Ladders in the Afternoon and Eddie and I were able to get the brackets attached to the wall in David's Art Room in order to put up more shelves for displaying the kids art projects.  Holes must be drilled into cement blocks using a hammer drill.  Plastic plugs are then hammered into the holes to hold screws.

Internet is wonky tonight so I will quit while I am ahead.

Better than the Local Brew

Start of a Class of Some Kind
Shelf Supports cut Yesterday
This is Where the Shelving will Go
A Completed 'Ladder'
Bea Applying 'Bwana Juice' as Vic Calls It
Putting in Plastic Plugs after Eddie Drilled Holes
Attaching a Bracket 
Eddie Attaches the Last of the 3 Brackets
End of Our Shift

Monday, February 17, 2020

Monday, February 17

Breakfast time was a bit noisy this morning due to the pounding surf next to the outdoor restaurant.  While waiting for our ride at the resort entrance we met two long time Dominican friends, Manuel the bus driver and Jay the translator from our years working for the Samaritan Foundation.  

Bea and Vic were driven to Loma this morning while John was picked up by Dario in the Green Hornet truck with carrying racks.  My order was quickly filled but Dario then had to place a large delivery order for the Team from Ridgetown who will be building chicken coops.  We arrived in Loma at 11 a.m.  Bea and Vic kept busy with odd jobs and helping 2 boys with painting their footstools which they built last week.  Dario and I offloaded the wood into the storage building then Vic and I started to cut pieces for the shelving.

In the afternoon, Bea helped out inside and out at the Community Centre and finished up the day cleaning up the yard ably assisted by David.  The guys finished cutting and assembling all the supports for the shelving in the storage building.

John, Manuel, Bea, Jay and Vic
David's Artistic Enhancement to Wood Blocks
Dario Loading Wood in Sosua Lumberyard
Dario Unloading Wood in Loma
Vic Helping a Young Man with his Project
Another Young Man Painting his Stool
Vic Drilling Screw Holes

Eddie and John Assembling Shelf Supports
Bea and David Raking the Leaves
The Sea at Sunset